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  • Support Groups for Child Caregivers

    Posted on   11/22/2011  6:28 PM

    When mom, dad or both are taken away to jail, it’s usually a close relative who becomes the caregiver for the child left behind.

    Think it’s easy being a caregiver?

    Certainly, not -- especially if you are an elderly grandparent, aunt or uncle suddenly charged with caring for a youngster.

    You have to take the child to school, prepare food, help with homework, and provide medical care.

    Then there’s dealing with the child’s anxiety over having mom, dad or both behind bars.

    That’s why the Service Network for Children of Inmates offers support groups for caregivers.

    Our goal is for them to befriend other adults in their situation and help each other resolve their challenges -- all under the direction of a trained social worker or care coordinator.

    We believe in assisting everyone involved in raising a child of a prisoner.

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